We offer a service for employment and settlement of wages and taxes for your employees in Norway.

What is EOR?

EOR stands for Employee of Record, and is a form of employment characterized by the fact that your foreign employees are, in fact, subordinated to another entity. In practice, this means that creating a legal structure in a new market is not necessary. You only need to use the EOR service to have a legally employed employee in another country. By opting for EOR you do not have to worry about:
  • administrative tasks;
  • payroll management;
  • taxes;
  • employee benefits (including insurance).
Entering unknown territory is worth reducing unnecessary costs and time, which can be spent on actual business development instead of building and managing a staff. You can reduce the risk of operating in the local market by entrusting an EOR entity with matters relating to regulatory and legal requirements in terms of employment, as well as immigration and payroll. You make the decisions on jobs, we just implement your orders. In addition, the EOR model is extremely beneficial from an operational, financial and strategic viewpoint. It is good to consider this solution, especially in the initial phase of presence on the Norwegian market.

Time, costs, and knowledge are the foundations for proper functioning in a new business space. Unfamiliarity with current legal norms makes your company vulnerable to losses, which is why Uniqorm wants to serve you with its experience in global expansion, providing favourable conditions to increase revenues.

Benefits administration, regulatory compliance, taxation, and HR and payroll issues should not stop you from growing your business. Uniqorm will take care of it all, while you can devote yourself to other important matters.

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Receive employees or settle accounts with employees on a B2B contracts in Norway express and without unnecessary problems. Our international structure and experience help you:
  • save you money;
  • Avoid wasting time;
  • Reduce business risks.
Give your employees what they need: payment in local currency, employee benefits, medical care and pension insurance.

We are the market leader for EOR services in Norway

EOR at a glance
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We know that growing your business requires a lot of attention, that is why we offer our clients a service that allows them to avoid wasting time, unnecessary costs and lowering the business risk.

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